Import Timber Cost Increased

Import Timber Cost Increased
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Recently, the timber market in North America is quite not calm, Import Timber Cost Increased . because the “UK Left EU” event led to the U.S. dollar continued to rise, the purchase costs of various types of materials are also rising.

In addition, according to the businessmen said, since the July 1 start, the global container transportation cost increases, including Europe, North America and other six continents and regions of the world container transportation costs rose substantially. The main reason is that the increase of weighing the costs.

Before July 1, weighing container is mainly the purchaser responsible for their own, can allow a little overweight, but after July 1, all container weighed by the terminal is responsible for, does not allow the emergence of the phenomenon of overweight, this also means that a container of wood bearing than in the past to a few cubic meters.

This conversion up to each container of the cost increase of approximately 125 euro, average every cubic meters of wood increased the cost of 30 yuan.


In addition, coupled with the major shipping costs are also rising, the cost of the two factors generated by the cost of more than in July 1st increased by about 10%. Insiders said that the devaluation of the RMB, coupled with rising transportation costs, the total Import Timber Cost Increased by 5 – 8%.
Affected by this, recent North American species and varieties, prices have increased, which hardwood such as red oak, white plug, prices rose 300 – 500 yuan / cubic meters.

In the Guangdong market red oak is 2.15 – 3.05M, thick 1 – 2 inches, Fas level quotation 6200 – 8700 yuan / cubic meters; white Shuanchang 2.15 – 3.05M, thick 1 – 2 inch, Fas level quotation 6500 – 7600 yuan / cubic meter.