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  • prd bulletWooden Home Office Furniture Manufacture in China, trade only, good quality in right price , OEM, MOQ:3 items/ 20GP, 30-60 days delivery, 5 years warrant.
  • prd bulletWe constantly strive our wooden home furniture ranges, using new materials and finishes in order to meet new trends and developments within your markets.
  • prd bulletPRD furniture is Wooden home furniture supplier who providing the best trend-right Wooden home furniture At the right price, while offering excellent quality, modern style, the wooden home furniture and functional furnishing are suitable for every room in the home.
  • wooden home furniture manufacturer in China Offer YOU a broad selection of wooden home furniture,  for  retail and wholesale environment. Outstanding values for every room, a total commitment of quality, service and value that is unsurpassed in our industry.


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